A fluffy Rorschach and a pair of profound clouds

One of my most favourite things to do when I’m in the ocean is to lay on my back, keep my ears under the water and make shapes out of the clouds. It is really important to do this behind where the waves break, nothing worse than a surprise wave when you’re having a moment.

As much I love cloud watching in the ocean it’s rarely something I think of doing when I’m on laying on the beach. This week I did and I’m so grateful. The clouds on that day were miraculous. There was no squinting and trying to force shapes, they were clear as day and then I watched them transform into other clearly identifiable shapes. I was riveted for at least an hour – which is evident by the glowing tan on my front and the pasty ghost land that is my back.

I also spent a fair amount of time wondering if only I can see the particular shapes that I was seeing or if I was cloud watching with someone might they be able to see the same thing I’m seeing? Which led of course to wondering if cloud watching could translate into a version of the Rorshach Test. Could the shapes I was seeing be driven by my personality characteristics or emotional functioning? It’s too juicy a thought. I really need to test this theory! Any psychoanalysts out there want to go cloud watching with me?

I saw a bunch of rocking horses, the Statue of Liberty, a huge Angler fish (you know the one out of Nemo with the light over it’s head), a Power Ranger, an evil menacing shadow face, two sea horses, several dragons, my girlfriends’ shared dog Raph appeared too many times to count along with a bunch of other dogs that weren’t Raph and a huge lock which had a key that floated nearby.

The lock and key clouds captivated me for a long time. They both appeared to be as solid as each other having a similar density however the key floated relatively quickly and in the direction of the lock. The lock remained static. I was starting to think my shapes were going to fulfil the others destiny in a single gust of wind and the key would float into the lock. But they didn’t, something far more thought provoking transpired.

The key cloud dissipated before it made it to the lock, whereas the lock stuck around and kept it’s shape for a long time after the disappearance of the key.  On a day where shapes were evolving before my eyes, the lock stayed for minutes, perhaps a whole 15. Which gave way to this thought:

The locked door is constant; it’s the key that is elusive.

Through this process of energetic healing I’m beginning to truly uncover and know the faces of my demons, challenges and blockages. I know freedom from them, growth due to them and gratitude for the opportunity to evolve all lie behind a number of doors. I just have to find the right key to fit the right door at the right time. The parts of me that need attention and work aren’t going anywhere until I find the keys.

Timely bit of cloud action, thank you Universe.

That night I went to bed with the Women Who Run With the Wolves and read whole pages on the metaphors of keys and locks and questions.

I do love a little synchronicity.

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