How to change the world in 6 weeks

Bumping into a girlfriend at a café on the weekend she was excited to tell me about a website she’d discovered – Coursera.

Coursera offers education for free.

Education that transcends social class, wealth and physical location all at the same time? Revolutionary.

There are more than 400 courses in over 20 categories including humanities, arts, nutrition, engineering, law, medicine, biology and mathematics.

Seeing as my purpose is to serve through helping the helpless because of my gift of helping (see the Breathwork post) I’ve signed up to a 6 week course starting on January 20 called How to Change the World.

The course will explore the below topics and will be structured along the following questions: 1. What do we know?  2. Why should we care? 3. What can we do?

Week 1: What are Social Goods?  From the Commons to Moral Revolutions
Week 2: Poverty and Philanthropy
Week 3: Climate Change and Sustainability
Week 4: Disease and Global Health Care
Week 5: Women, Education and Social Change
Week 6: Education, Social Networks and Activism

According to Coursera, there are 240,000 people enrolled in their most popular class so you could do this one with me! Imagine the change that could happen if 240k people did this course. I’d love to hear from you if you are interested.

I’ll keep you updated on the course and my thoughts on Coursera.

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