Perspective – a short post

‘We are not human beings on a spiritual journey.
We are spiritual beings on a human journey.’

Stephen R Covey

On my way into work this morning, I came across this quote on Twitter and immediately started looking at other passengers on the bus with a lot more recognition and love than I had a moment before.

The quote also reminded me of the book, Great Apes by Will Self. The book is intelligent, funny and as with all Self books, incredibly well written.

In a one sentence nutshell the main character wakes up one day after a night of debauchery to discover he’s an ape, but not only him, everyone is an ape.

We the reader, believe he’s had a psychotic break and is in the midst of an ‘ape delusion’. But as we read more our perspective is challenged – it is fiction after all, anything is possible. And by the end of the book you are convinced that he was actually having a ‘human delusion’.

The way we move through the world, the way we treat each other, conclusions we come to, choices we make are all dictated by the lens through which we see the world. If we were to change the lens our response (or reaction) to what’s around us would be entirely different.

I started this spiritual journey for change and this quote is a reminder to keep my eyes open. Change doesn’t always come in sweeping upheavals but, more often, small shifts in perspective.

I’m rolling my snowball down the hill of change and by the time I get to the bottom things will look very different.

Big thanks to the Universe for putting this little tweet of wisdom in front of my eyes this morning.

4 thoughts on “Perspective – a short post

  1. Awesome! I love when you read something and then you experience a shift in perspective. Everything is awareness, so when your perspective changes everything can change.

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