Connecting more of the blog dots

So often I sit down to write a post and end up so enthralled in Reader that the time dedicated to writing has been devoured and I’ve had to suspend the post I was itching to write. This goes a fair way to explaining the long delays between some of my posts.

I started this blog to help me untangle and give form to the thoughts and feelings I knew would surface from undertaking each component of the three cycles of healing. I also knew a commitment to publishing would be an important part of the process to safeguard against my predilection of postponing thoughts for deeper contemplation at a later, more convenient time – otherwise known as permanent procrastination.

Three months later and I’m astounded, flattered and frankly feeling a little honoured that there are 43 folks out there interested in reading about this journey. 43!! You are 43 more than I ever thought would be; I am truly grateful to be able to share these thoughts with you.

Through you I’ve discovered the solitary, introspective act of writing has been the gateway to what feels a really authentic exchange, with a community of supportive, intelligent and interesting people.

And all of this community spirit has inspired me; I want to do more. I want to connect more of the blog dots. I’d like to share with you guys the discoveries that move me, provoke me and teach me a thing or two.

And I think I’ve got a great idea how.

In the new year a new section called Reblog of the Week will be added to the menu. There, my one most favourite discovery through Reader will be reblogged each week.

My intention is for all reblogged posts to be in the same or similar vein as my blog so you won’t have to trawl through movie reviews, recipes or gardening tips (my usual non spiritual dalliances) to read topics you’d normally swing by my place to find. In fact I’m hoping my fledgling WordPress skills will allow me to keep them all together in their own area in the same blog roll format.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Have you done something similar or seen it in other blogs? Is it the great idea I think it is?

9 thoughts on “Connecting more of the blog dots

    • Hi Dennis! I’m so glad you stopped by. I have already swooned about your blog over at yours but I will again – I love the concept and the content is pretty powerful stuff. Thanks again for visiting 🙂

  1. I think it’s a wonderful idea. I’ve actually been wanting to do something similar with my blog. To connect with other “emotional alchemists.” Or people that inspire me in that realm and getting their name out there.

    I feel when we begin to connect to others in that way, we are connecting more deeply with ourselves.

    Go for it!

  2. Wow what a brilliant idea!! Also, just so you know I love reading your articles and insights. I too have experienced an interesting journey with posting articles on my blog. Initially I would mull over my words for so long, and then when I would post it I’d feel so vulnerable and want to hide from the world. Now I feel so much better about the whole experience and feel incredible joy when writing and posting!


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