A vision for 2014 – Part I

Recently I came across a blog that talked about writing up your intentions for the following year and keeping them in an intention box. Considering the success I’ve been having with intentions I thought it was a pretty good idea so I mentioned it to my girlfriend, Emma, who said she’s been reading about Vision Boards.

The intention box was completely forgotten. Why would I want to keep my desires hidden away in a box anyway?

My intention/vision for 2014 is fairly humble:

  • Move house close to the beach
  • Get a new job – not because I have a bad one but because I need a new challenge
  • Manage my finances better
  • Start up an Etsy store – since discovering crystals I’ve been wire wrapping them. And it might help with the point above!
  • Incorporate more of the things into my life that bring me joy – the ocean, creativity, spiritual growth, fun times, meditation, my new motorbike that arrives mid January, YAY!

Simple right?

We set a date to create the board and for a week or so before I created a Pinterest Board of all the things that inspired me and/or reflected my list of intentions. See it here.

I printed them all out and we convened over wine, beer and pizza at my place to put our boards together.

vision board

And it begins…

I thought the process would be a simple one.  Cut out the pictures and stick them to the board. Which is how the practical part worked out, but the emotional side of it happened very differently.

vision board

Beer, pizza and Emma’s burgeoning vision


And mine

Some of the pictures I loved and connected with had no place on my board. Not because of space restrictions but because they didn’t ‘fit’ with the whole that was emerging. I achieved the essence of my intentions on the board but I did wonder if there was a Feng Shui thing going on because beautiful images didn’t ‘fit’ and I only wanted some pictures in certain areas of the board.

I also only wanted the positive aspect of an intention to feature… i.e. ‘save money’ rather than ‘get out of debt’.

vision board

Mr Smokes loving the paper!
NB: half a tree was harmed for the success of this activity.

As both our boards were drawing to a close we also found, which was very interesting, our left over pictures weren’t ‘fitting’ but we were able to swap some that did ‘fit’. I was given a picture that said ‘Be Brave Little One’ and I quite literally cried with gratitude. Denise had called me little one in the Breathwork session and it was those words that opened me up to the breathwork.

vision board

A vision in the making

I didn’t even know why some images made it onto my board until I started to break them down in the days after the board was created.

Take the ferris wheel for example. I had no idea why that picture wasn’t sacrificed for others I like more until I thought about what a ferris wheel represents to me. Childish, carefree, wild abandon.

I used to ride them at fetes or fairs my parents took my sisters and I too. I am considerably older than my sisters and was allowed to bring along my school time best friend, Emily. Emily and I would run through the fair without an adult and go on all the rides until our money ran out.

One year, we went on the Gravitron which spins you seriously fast. And like the spin cycle in the wash you are pushed into and stick to the walls. Emily vomited on that ride. After the ride we babbled on and on about how if her head wasn’t turned to the side the vomit would have lodged in her throat and killed her! We then waxed lyrical about the joys of being alive and never told our parents.

The fairs were complete freedom, no parental supervision, going on whatever ride our height allowed, laughing, screaming and being exhilarated by rides likely too old for us both.

Wild abandon = letting go = living in the moment. That’s why the ferris wheel is there.

And there are a lot of others that I’ve had to think about that don’t have an obvious representation but I’m so glad they spoke to me when I found them because all of them ‘belong’ on the board.

The thing about my vision board is that it’s turned out part intention board and part ‘coming home to myself and my true nature board’. So many of the images on there are actually elements of what my spirit needs to be fulfilled that have been pushed aside out of laziness, necessary commitments like work and never saying no to others.

I have the board hanging up in my room, I look at it often and each time worry that creating the vision board is a lot like making a wish after blowing out a birthday candle. There’s no action.

Which is why I created an Action Board on Pinterest thinking I would have a mini version of the vision board dedicated to the actions I’ll need to take in order to manifest the vision.

You’ll see that I had more trouble populating this one than the Vision Board. It’s not news to me that I have trouble actualising things. Sometimes I think about an exciting idea so much and think over every aspect of it that by the time it comes to fulfil the idea – I’m done. Over it. Because I’ve already thought through every part of it I can’t imagine how the actuality of it will be better than what I’ve already thought. Obviously nothing gets done but my imagination is in excellent condition.

And then yesterday in a moment of sublime synchronicity, my Kundalini Yoga place emailed me a flyer for a workshop…. Visualisation in Action. I was hooked the second I read the title.

It did take me a day to part with my money – an intention for 2014 is to manage it better. I needed a push and asked Emma to kindly give one to me. She did, I’m booked in. Time will tell if it is an investment.

The workshop is happening this week… 5 January. Here is the outline:

  • Discover the relationship between your values and your actions
  • Clarify your dreams, your hopes and your desires
  • Experience clarity and visualisation meditations
  • Connect your skills, gifts, experience, and passions.
  • Create a vision board that embraces all of you:
your heart, mind, body and soul
  • Develop rituals and actions to support you to realise your vision

It will be very interesting to see how my vision board changes with the workshop format. Perhaps carefree wild abandon shouldn’t be an intention…

I think there are still spots so if you’re in Sydney and free on Sunday, come and do it with me! Register here.

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “A vision for 2014 – Part I

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  3. I have been working on something very similar myself tonight 🙂 No beer & pizza, but there was chocolate & wine involved 😉 I understand (from reading Jonathan Cainer–http://www.cainer.com/) that this New Year’s is very auspicious for setting intentions (unlike the usual) because it happens to coincide with the Dark of the Moon.

    I do SoulCollage, and I’ve been working on a card (gathering & cutting images) about my path in the new year, as well as planning some others that represent goals/the fulfillment of goals. I bought a scanner last week so I can scan the cards & post them on my blog … you can see a couple here (they are 5 x 8 inches):

    I know there are SoulCollagers in Australia–I bet you would love it 🙂 The idea is to create a deck of cards that’s like your own personal tarot deck. One of the suits represents all the different aspects of yourself.

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