Salute to the Sage Smudge Stick?

Hi friends, I’m back! I’m still not entirely sure why I was gone, but I did fall off the path for a bit. I have my suspicions about what happened but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions…

My last post was 9 January and in the intervening time a lot has happened.

  • A new flatmate moved in.
  • I had my birthday weekend up the coast with some wonderful friends and three of us rode our motorbikes there. A tick for joy.
  • My (unrelated) Uncle Tommy passed away. I mentioned him in this post.
  • I did an energy healing cycle that focused on my relationship with money. I was balanced through raw kinesiology and had an amazing breath work session. I didn’t think a Kahuna love-fest was required for this focus so I skipped it. (And I really am back so expect a write up of both sessions in the coming weeks).
  • I rode to the country on my motorbike with my Dad to see my family – another tick for joy!
  • I got sick with bronchitis and spent a week with my parents.
  • My flatmate moved out.

My friend Emma and I have had many discussions on why I haven’t been writing which has birthed a few theories.

Theory One

Guilt: Do you remember the 40 for 40 Challenge I posted? It was essentially a public pact to meditate for 40 minutes everyday for 40 days. I was so determined to see it through and was doing really well, until Christmas.

Going into the challenge I was very aware the most difficult part would, not only, be in finding the time over the holidays to steal away for my meditation but also in saying ‘I’m stealing away to meditate’.

Last year our family Christmas Day was held on Boxing Day so my sisters could spend Christmas Day with their husbands’ families. So Mum and I spent Christmas Day together cooking, lazing, playing scrabble and later wine time :). I meditated that day and was met with bafflement and though minor I sensed my mum’s restraint. I didn’t meditate again while I was there.

In all I missed four days over Christmas. I meditated once when I was back home in Sydney but it was a half-hearted effort because the challenge was ruined. I had failed! What was the point in completing the final days in the challenge?

I also knew I’d have to ‘fess up to you guys and I really didn’t want to! So… no writing.

And, as I’ve discovered, once you’ve stopped for a bit – it’s really difficult to start again. I was feeling so guilty I even stopped checking in to wordpress to read others’ posts or say hi to new followers (If you’re reading this and you haven’t had a hello from me, you’re next on my hit list).

Theory Two

This is my friend Emma’s theory and I’m starting to think there is some serious weight to it.

Emma starting putting two and two together weeks ago and bet that when my flatmate moved out, I’d start writing. I was unconvinced at the time but take a look at the timeline:

  • Last blog post: 9 January
  • Flatmate moved in > 11 January
  • I stopped writing
  • When things were not going as well as they could have been with my flatmate I got bronchitis and was sick for two weeks.
  • My flatmate moved out yesterday > 16 March
  • Whaddya know: I started writing > 17 March

For background, my flatmate was a stranger I found through a flat share website. She lives in fear. Not the cowering, paralysing type of fear of say… spiders. She lives in a protectionist state of her own creation.

It was an amazing thing to watch when I think of it. The more she protected herself the more issues she had to fight in order to maintain her protection. She is a lesson unto herself and one which really should be unpacked in a later post.

Theory Three

My flatmate moved out on Sunday and I came home from work early yesterday to ‘interview’ two potential new flatmates. On the weekend Emma gifted me a sage stick and suggested I do the house. I had some time before the interviews so I gave it a go. It was my first time sage-ing and I have to admit, it was foul. I’m not a fan of marijuana and that was exactly what it smelled like to me – I heaved several times whilst I was precariously perched on furniture to get the smoke in all of the corners. So gross.

Later in the night I was in the shower and it washed over me. It’s time. There is so much to say about these last few months. I have to start now. And quite literally I did. I wrote half of this post standing in the kitchen in my towel dripping water all over the floor.

Did the sage smudge shift the energy and bring me back to writing?

I’m conflicted as to which theory it is as well, they’re all pretty plausible. But whichever it is, I can take away these lessons from the last three months.

  1. I am an all or nothing person. Missing four days of a challenge doesn’t mean I should just stop. Balance and kindness to myself needs work.
  2. My actions are too easily influenced/directed/overwhelmed by others’ energies
    • In reference to theory one: My mumma only had to bristle and I gave up four days of meditation – which led to the complete abandonment of the challenge. Where’s my commitment?
    • In reference to theory two: It is amazing what an impact two incompatible energies have on each other. I’m sure she was as unhappy as I was – she actually started a smoking habit while she was living here which is not the behaviour of a happy person. I can absolutely see how relationships deteriorate to states where neither party is recognisable to themselves – it’s a slippery slope and it can happen seriously fast.
  3. The barriers I feel from time to time ARE NOT I repeat ARE NOT obscure, magical signs from never-never-land to stop and wait for a sign to proceed. They are actually signs that I’m unconsciously forfeiting my progress. They are a call to arms, a call to commit more fervently. A call I’ve drastically misinterpreted.

My three months off the spiritual wagon has been invaluable simply for these lessons and in particular the last.

Very often I feel barriers to things and I treat those feelings with a kind of reverence like I’m tapping into an inexplicable intuition. I now know it’s not a sixth-sense; it’s self-sacrifice. The way forward is to stop, unpack the barrier, and continue with fortitude.

Oh I’m back, friends, and I have so much to tell you 🙂

11 thoughts on “Salute to the Sage Smudge Stick?

  1. Love your in depth review and self-reflection. I also LOVE sage. I do a lot of therapy work and energy release work in my house, and sometimes that even involves a lot of people in a workshop or meditation class. I always sage before and after, and I am totally convinced of it’s effectiveness to clear a space!

    I’m happy you’re back as I really enjoy reading your posts. And I’m really glad you came to the conclusion that you can get right back into the meditation challenge – I believe that we never really fail at anything 🙂 there is always so much gained!!

    Welcome back!

  2. Hahaha! I you didn’t really fall off the spiritual wagon at all, as much as your mind might tell you did. You really just took an unplanned path. 😉

    Being overly influenced by others and the environment around us is a common problem in the West, from what I’ve noticed. It seems to be common here because we have so many underlying things of wanting to be liked, a lack of desired intimacy, and so on. I’m not sure if its as strong a challenge in the Eastern Countries where there seems to be more intimacy in just living situations… Anyways, point is that you can be less influenced by others by developing a strong electromagnetic field, aka a strong aura.

    Our auras are constantly intaking and transmuting the energy around us. It then spits out what we don’t need, desire or is in alignment with our frequency. When the aura is weak it doesn’t spit out what we don’t need. That stuff just stays with us, and influences our decisions… well, everything really.

    When our auras are strong we can only be influenced when we choose to be influenced. This means that we are influenced usually in a conscious way of thinking, talking, and deciding what resonates with us and where we want to grow to. It means that we will be more magnetized to creating the experiences that we want. It means that we will be more self-directed and more fearless.

    Others thoughts and opinions will just fall away.

    Woah… This turned into a blog post itself. Anyways, to complete this, you can strengthen your aura by doing the following each day:
    a) meditate
    b) yoga, esp. the Kundalini Kriya to Strengthen Your Aura (type it into google and it will come up)
    c) learn to identify, if you haven’t already, what is yours and what is not yours. Develop techniques to release what is not yours right now the spot – for example, I use my breath (“see” what is not mine and shoot it out with an out breath)
    d) cut cords that are not serving yourself or the other person in unconditional love
    e) imagine white light feeding your aura, strengthening it NOT shielding (shielding is a similar technique with different results)

    Okay, I’m going to write a blog post about this, but I hope this helps you!

    As for sage, sage is a herb that calls in positive spirits. Positive spirits will do clearing work for you, however, sage was traditionally mixed with other herbs for a more potent effect. Here in the prairies its mixed with sweet grass and tobacco. On the coast, in BC, a common alternative to smudge is palo santo.

    If sage doesn’t work for you (some varieties definitely smell like pot which I’m not a fan of either), explore the other options that are available in your area. 🙂

    Happy meditating! ❤

    (sorry for such a long post, it just kinda fell out of me…)

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