Manifesting Magic

We’ve all heard of the law of attraction. Oprah’s support of The Secret propelled the principle of thought into living rooms all over the world.

While the tide of interest (and credibility) may have waned amongst the majority, for those on ‘the path’, the law of attraction is as stable and reliable as the law of gravity.

So why not put it to the test? Just because we can’t see g-forces doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Just because we can’t see the law of attraction doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Which brings me to the little experiment I’ve been doing over the past 48 hours…

I’ve been reading the book, E Squared. It’s an excellent read. The author, Pam Grout’s voice is so ‘normal person’ you want to call her up to have a wine and a chat.

The book comprises of a series of different 48 hour experiments to test the principle to help you apply the theory and use it to your advantage.

The Experiment

The first experiment was split into 2 x 24 hours.

The first 24 hours was to keep a look out for green cars. But for me the author muddied the intention by saying “look for green cars. Or if you insist, pick another colour. Sunset beige for example.” I read this and thought what the hell does sunset beige look like? I actually stopped reading to think about what that colour might be.

The second 24 hours which was today, was to find yellow butterflies. Setting my intention this morning I totally disregarded the colour and said I’d be happy with any kind of butterfly, because this week has turned into rain week.

The Results

Green Car Experiment: Setting my intention for this experiment was tough. I kept thinking green car, green car, green car. But in the back of my mind I was still thinking what the hell kind of colour is sunset beige. Sunsets are vivid displays of spectacular and beige is… well, beige.

Putting the conundrum of sunset beige out of my mind I left the house and headed to work. I travelled on the bus, in the traffic for half an hour into the CBD and didn’t see a single car. Oh they were there, I’d just forgotten about the experiment.

I remembered about three hours into the workday and immediately looked out of the window in front of my desk down to the street from 13 floors up. You wouldn’t believe what I saw. The streets were lined with white cars. I think I actually laughed out loud. I kept looking in hilarious disbelief and around the corner trundled a DHL van, bright yellow. I wondered whether bright yellow was sunset beige.

Later I ducked out to get coffee and was confronted with a car directly out of the office foyer – a yellow car. It was a different yellow to the DHL van but not a colour that would be out of place in a sunset. Interesting.

On the way back from coffee a Vittoria Coffee van rolled down the street – golden yellow and more gold than yellow. A sunset colour? Yes.

I started looking around at other things and noticed a whole campaign of yellow signs, office workers wearing splashes of yellow ranging from fluoro to mustard. Interesting.

Not long after, a team mate called on my mobile asking if I would come and get her because she’s twisted her ankle and she was watching swell as we talked and would I come and help her hobble back to the office?

I took another workmate with me to help with the hobble. We walked outside and he asked if I was ok. I’d realised that I was scanning the streets looking for green and sunset coloured cars. Sheepishly I told him about the experiment (he’s fairly used to, and amused by, my eccentricities) and as I finished a not-for-profit food company van turned the corner. And as we made it to the traffic lights there was a yellow mini sitting with its hazard lights on who pulled away as we neared it.

On the way back to the office – with the hobbler another DHL van and a yellow Subaru.

All the while I was still looking for green cars. Not a single one in sight.

The butterfly experiment: After yesterday’s success, I honestly believed that despite the rain I would see a butterfly today. I thought perhaps it would be online in an advert or someone would have one in their profile picture on Facebook or… something.

I looked hard all day… Nada. I was tempted at one point to squint my eyes to try and see one in a design in a printer’s shopfront window. But I wanted a real success or a real failure.

I seriously got nothing all day.

My aim tonight was to come home and write and I knew once I locked myself away from the world there would be no butterflies.

I got off the afternoon bus outside Gould’s Books and went in for the last ditch attempt to randomly fall upon a butterfly.

For those of you who haven’t been to Gould’s it’s the second hand bookstore that evokes the wish that Ghostbusters were a fire pole away. Books balance in precarious piles in a space that’s more warehouse than high street store.

A photo I posted on Instagram last year of a spooky aisle in Gould's

A photo I posted on Instagram last year of a spooky aisle in Gould’s

Going to Gould’s with a fixed idea of the exact book you want is always disappointing. You’ll never find it amid a million books and no centralised electronically filing system. However, going to Gould’s to kill some time and to stumble across a cracker IS highly satisfying.

Butterflies quickly forgotten when I fell into and got stuck for a while in the Australian politics section. After reading about the first Australian Labor leader (who I’ve forgotten the name of already) I came to and wondered what the hell I was doing. There are a million books of which all you can see is spine, I’m never going to see a butterfly in the politics section on a spine. As I glanced up to work my way to the exit I noticed a window I’d never seen before and it was lovely! Don’t pile books in this section it’s the cat pathway. Too cute.


Rule number 1: Cats rule all roosts.

Rule number 1: Cats rule all roosts.

I went over and took that ^ picture and headed to the exit up a random aisle. Nearing the end of the aisle it suddenly occurred to me that I’m wasting valuable butterfly searching time on the way out – I promptly turned my head to the left… and there it was.



A butterfly in a key with reference to a motorbike.

A butterfly in a key with reference to a motorbike.









A butterfly in a key with references of motorbikes on the front. Was this book meant for me or what?! So, of course, I bought it. And what’s even better is that I’d actually pick this up on any ordinary day as a matter of interest. It’s not like it’s the Dummy’s Guide to Butterfly Farming or something of the like. Check it out on Goodreads.

What has this experiment taught me?

You need to be crystal clear about what it is you want.

Just because you put what you want out there, doesn’t mean it will fall from the sky into your lap.

You need to position yourself, line up your ducks. You need to ensure the environment is right for the universe to deliver what it is you want and what you’ve asked for.

And you have to be aware of your surroundings/opportunities/synchronicities.

What worries me

Finding sunset cars rather than my repeated intention of green cars, worries me. Who cares, I found sunset cars – same same but different, right? Ok let’s forget the cars.

What if your intention was more serious. I’m not suggesting serious like using the law of attraction to replace cancer treatment.

But what if you were setting an intention and the negative of that message/intention was received. For example: You asked for a green car (to be debt free) and you got a sunset beige car (more debt).

I might be jumping ahead of myself. It’s the first challenge in the book and perhaps the technique will be refined through further experiments. Or perhaps my antenna is more coat-hanger innovation and less factory-guaranteed.

Time will tell and I’ll report back after each experiment.

But in the meantime, I’d love to hear from you! Have you manifested magic? Share it with all of us in the comments!



7 thoughts on “Manifesting Magic

  1. Interestingly enough my manifestation story just happened today, Aug. 23, 2015, what would have been my Dad’s 90th birthday. And even more interesting, it was all about a yellow butterfly: or more precisely, a yellow tiger swallowtail, the type I associate with my Dad. It appeared at his funeral, then at the reception 50 miles away and many other times.
    But yesterday I set my intention in seeing one today to let me know he was OK. I do see them sometimes but very rarely where I live so I honestly didn’t have high expectations. Imagine my delight when one flew in front of my car as I drove to the Center for Spirirual Living for Sunday service. I literally cried in joy and gratitude. And then, as I’d that weren’t enough, on the way home I noticed a pink Mylar balloon blowing in the wind. As it got closer and crossed directly in the path of my car I could that pink balloon had a big yellow butterfly design on it. This time I just laughed and laughed.

  2. I have indeed, and I wrote about it here …

    And btw, the way the intention I set in this post has worked out so far (it’s not finished yet) was that within days my recurring meeting with Bob got canceled. Currently I never interact with him. Bob has a new interim boss, and I happen to know he has been called on the carpet for his MO.

    I would suggest having a journal where you write your intentions down … that way there’s no waffling or confusion.

  3. I love that book, I have it in my “books I adore”. Keep going, you’ll get some incredible results. I’d love to meet you in that spooky aisle at Goulds. Wish I lived closer 🙂

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