Reading this blog

I received some feedback from a lovely reader recently that prompted putting up this page. She explained that the order of the Session posts wasn’t clear so she ended up reading them back to front.

While all posts can be read as standalone stories I appreciate the appeal to read through the healing sessions in the order they unfolded.

There are two categories:
Sessions – debriefs on the actual energy healing sessions
Life Between Sessions – my thoughts, epiphanies, awakenings, victories and failings on this little spiritual journey of mine

For clarity, the title of each Session post indicates where it fits so you know which one to read first to last. i.e: Balance – 1st healing session

Each cycle of energy healing comprises of three sessions Balance, Breathwork, Kahuna in that order.

When I report back on the second cycle I might add another category for further clarity. But I won’t be booking in the second cycle until March or so (2014) – it’s an expensive business!

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