Women who run with the wolves – Part review

Following my reading Lynette recommended a list of books. Out of all of them, this was the one that appealed to me the most. It’s the title, I want to be so fearless to run with the wolves!

It’s also the hardest of all to actually read. It’s mostly written in metaphors and heavy symbolism, which I’m really no good at deciphering. I take things at face value and often refuse to read between the lines because of the ambiguity.

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Running with wolves (and other recommended books)

This weekend I took a road trip to Canberra to spend time with some of my family and visit Floriade.

I expected my < 1 year old gorgeous little cousin to be smaller and I expected Floriade to be bigger. I had imagined fields of wild tulips for as far as the eye could see. Instead there were strategically positioned, finely manicured garden beds of tulips.

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