A fluffy Rorschach and a pair of profound clouds

One of my most favourite things to do when I’m in the ocean is to lay on my back, keep my ears under the water and make shapes out of the clouds. It is really important to do this behind where the waves break, nothing worse than a surprise wave when you’re having a moment.

As much I love cloud watching in the ocean it’s rarely something I think of doing when I’m on laying on the beach. This week I did and I’m so grateful. The clouds on that day were miraculous. There was no squinting and trying to force shapes, they were clear as day and then I watched them transform into other clearly identifiable shapes. I was riveted for at least an hour – which is evident by the glowing tan on my front and the pasty ghost land that is my back.

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An invitation for reflection

After the reading with Lynette, I received a follow up email. It outlined the people I needed to contact for the balance, breath work and kahuna sessions, it provided the names and authors of the books I was recommended to read and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Over the weeks since the reading I’ve referred back to the email and keep seeing different things. This morning I noticed a poem.

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Running with wolves (and other recommended books)

This weekend I took a road trip to Canberra to spend time with some of my family and visit Floriade.

I expected my < 1 year old gorgeous little cousin to be smaller and I expected Floriade to be bigger. I had imagined fields of wild tulips for as far as the eye could see. Instead there were strategically positioned, finely manicured garden beds of tulips.

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What brings you here? How can I help you?

They were the questions that plagued me in the lead up to my visit with Lynette. At $180 a pop I wanted value. I wanted meaningful questions that would give me meaningful answers that would change… everything.

I heard about Lynette through a good friend who had been to see her. I wasn’t sure why I wanted to see her, only that I had to.

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