Who do you want to be?

This Christmas my sister, Jenny, gave me an excellent little surprise that has inspired a long moment of reflection.

The gift is a little Kikki K notebook called A Sentence a Day.

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Life in the fast lane

greɪtfʊl,-f(ə)l/ Adjective
feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.

We all feel it this time of year. Trying to get work finished before the break so the new year feels super fresh, trying to accommodate as many Christmas parties as you can physically get to, devoting hours of thought to the perfect gift for family and friends (only to race maniacally around the shops on Christmas Eve making somewhat rash purchases) and still trying to fit yourself and your regular, everyday needs in among all that busy-ness.

That’s how December rolls for me. Every year but this one.

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An invitation for reflection

After the reading with Lynette, I received a follow up email. It outlined the people I needed to contact for the balance, breath work and kahuna sessions, it provided the names and authors of the books I was recommended to read and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Over the weeks since the reading I’ve referred back to the email and keep seeing different things. This morning I noticed a poem.

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